The Netherlands is renowned throughout the world for its agricultural sector. Vee&Logistiek Nederland (Livestock&Logistics) represents our livestock exporters and importers. It is thanks to them that the Netherlands’ export market is so strong.

Dutch exporters are experts in meeting your specific livestock needs! Whether it concerns piglets and pigs, sheep and goats or calves and cows. Vee&Logistiek Nederland supports export opportunities for Dutch production and slaughter animals in the various foreign markets. Our main area of operation is Europe, but we are also active beyond Europe’s borders. We represent Dutch exporters and importers of livestock, promote their interests, and help establish new contacts between livestock suppliers and parties interested in buying high quality livestock from the Netherlands.

We do not sell any animals ourselves and we are not authorized to provide third parties with quotations.

Dutch livestock

The Dutch agricultural sector has an outstanding international reputation. This is mainly due to the expertise of Dutch farmers. When it comes to knowledge, management skills and efficiency, they are second to none. Examples of the support our farmers receive to enable them to reach and maintain this high level of technical and managerial expertise:

  • Top quality agricultural training at all levels
  • Excellent public and private sector advisory services
  • Good collaboration between research and practice
  • Advanced research into production, hygiene and breeding.
  • The long-standing collaboration between research and practice has resulted in excellent feed conversion, fast growth rates and high health status with minimal prevalence of animal diseases.

This solid foundation is reflected in the livestock you buy and gets Dutch animals off to a great start. In fact, the Dutch system goes even further than European regulations require in terms of sustainability and, in particular, animal welfare.

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Vee&Logistiek Nederland
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Dutch breeding cattle: Veepro Holland

For Dutch breeding cattle we have Information Center Veepro Holland. The Netherlands has quite a history where cattle is concerned, and it is not a coincidence that the world-famous HF cows have their origin in the Netherlands. Also in the areas of research, innovation, health as well as expertise, the Dutch dairy sector is leading. So you not only buy the top genetics in the Netherlands, our know-how and our custom-related services also ensure that the live cattle, embryos and semen in which you have invested can come to full bloom.

What can Veepro do for you?

  • Make contact with exporters of dairy cattle, semen and embryos
  • Offer a network of successful companies in the Dutch dairy sector
  • Facilitate the export of Dutch genetics
  • Offer our knowledge with respect to legislation and regulations, veterinary matters, and transport

More information
Tel. +31 70 219 3000


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